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Hello there!
My Name is Chris Kolitsch and I am a qualified IT consultant. I started my business, “the Computer Guy”, as a computer repair and maintenance service provider in 2014.
With 25 years of experience in the IT field, I am an expert in diagnosing and fixing all types of computer and system-related problems.
My services include things like virus detection and removal, fixing malware infections, installation, and maintenance of existing operating systems, upgrading computers, and even building new computers.  By remotely logging in to your device, I can diagnose and fix problems from anywhere, anytime. For more complicated issues, I can come and see you in person. With a 5 star rating on google, be assured that I can provide the most affordable, reliable, and technologically superior computer repair and IT service in the area. For any further questions, or for a consultation, you can set up an appointment via email, or simply call me. Text messaging works too!


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Personal Computing

  • Onsite services: $109* the first hour.
    Additional onsite hours: $79* per hour.
  • Flat rate repairs: $139* per job (parts not included, the customer drops off and picks up).
  • Remote Support: $54* per hour
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Business Computing

  • Onsite services: $129* the first hour.
    Additional onsite hours: $89* per hour.
  • Flat rate repairs: $199* per job (parts not included, the customer drops off and picks up).
  • Remote Support: $74* per hour

                   *sales tax not included.


I strive to keep my customers for life.

My clients are the lifeblood of my business. Sure, I am passionate about technology, but the love of technology comes from what it can do for people. Technology. We use it to communicate with loved ones who are nearby and far away. We use computers to run businesses, and we use them for play.  We use the internet for school, work, and entertainment. My passion for technology translates into my love love for my clientele. And hey, without my clients, I wouldn’t be in business. Don’t take my word for it,  you can read some of the kind words that my recent clients have left. I hope that you will join them, I will be here when you need me!

The Computer Guy
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14:27 06 May 22
Outstanding customer service and value. Very polite and didn’t try to BS me into more than I needed. Was very up-front about what I needed and is truly very experienced, skilled, and qualified for complex issues. I’ll be using him for all of my computer / software repairs in the more
James Robinson
James Robinson
11:26 26 Feb 22
I have used Chri’s services 2X lately. He is excellent; I have found he:1. Knows what he’s doing (an expert in his field)2. Shows up on time3. Communicates well4. is Reasonably pricedJust an all around nice guys that does great work. He’s my computer guy from now on- Period! Highly more
Anita Balkcom
Anita Balkcom
20:10 13 Jan 22
Should be your first call for the help you need! For years Chris has always provided high quality online or onsite IT support service for our PC or laptops. This company is honest and reliable. They treat you like family because they more
Mason Rivera
Mason Rivera
22:30 27 Nov 20
Very nice guy! Did way more than I expected and was a ton of help!
Barbara Groff
Barbara Groff
02:31 03 Jun 20
Did not realize Chris had moved out of town. Needs still met and I am again a happy customer.
Marty Michaud
Marty Michaud
00:54 12 Mar 20
Chris is very professional, very efficient, and very reasonable . I highly recommend using his services.
Pat Dorsey
Pat Dorsey
20:49 02 May 19
We just moved to the area and I needed to set up my home office – new computer, scanner and all. Lucky for me – Chris arrived at my door. He was timely, efficient and most of all got all of my office set up and ready to go. I would say hands down that Chris is THE person you need if you need any kind of IT work. I am pretty sure he is now on my speed dial!!read more
Susan Markell
Susan Markell
20:29 18 Oct 18
Chris does a fantastic job! Always answers our emails or phone calls right away and does not take very long to get everything up and running again, no matter what the issue is, he knows how to fix it! Great customer service and genuinely nice and friendly guy!read more
Olga Smith
Olga Smith
07:01 26 Feb 17
Absolutely the best, no comparison.Chris has repaired and upgraded numerous computers for me. He setup my home network with multiple computers and printers. Trustworthy, honest, hardworking, friendly, knowledgeable and very affordable. I will never use another Computer Guy. Thanks Chris!!!read more
Michelle Tompkins
Michelle Tompkins
20:25 04 Feb 17
Chris is absolutely amazing to work with. He is a professional in every way and he can solve simple and complex computer problems with ease. He takes the time to explain things and is never condescending. His rates are reasonable, in fact I find him to be a bargain! Whether he comes to you, you leave your computer with him, or you have him wirelessly connect to your equipment, he can be trusted with the most sensitive information. If your computer needs new parts, he will find you the best deal. He provides expert advice and doesn’t try to sell you anything you don’t need. His turnaround time is fast and he works efficiently and effectively for his customers. He goes above and beyond with customer service and he is easily accessible, even after hours. Hire Chris for all of your computer needs. You will be glad you did and you will never need another IT guy for your computer ever again. I recommend him to everyone who even mentions that they have a computer. He has done work for three additional family members since I started working with him last more
20:36 02 Feb 17
Hands down the best ” computer guy” out there. Always on time and good quality work. Explains things in a way everyone can understand. Great pricing too!read more
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Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Monday through Friday 9-5. All calls, texts and emails sent outside of business hours will be returned the next business day.

Yes. For on-site service there is a 1 hour minimum. Each hour thereafter is charged in 30 minute increments. For remote support, there is a half hour minimum. Each hour thereafter is charged in 15 minute increments.

Yes, however all repairs are subject to the availability of parts.

No, due to the limited availability of parts, tablets and phones should be taken to an authorized repair center, for the brand of that device.

Remote support is a way that, through using software, a technician can connect to your computer via the internet. In this way, the technician can assist you as if they were in front of your computer next to you. This costs less than an in person visit, because it takes less time and resources then physically coming to your location.

No, but If parts are needed for your repair or upgrade, parts can purchased on your behalf.

There are many factors that come into play. With technology, newer is almost always better. However, a newer but lesser product might not be. Also, keep in mind that many times buying new, different equipment can be frustrating when it doesn’t respond the same, look the same, feel the same, etc. Sometimes newer computers require a newer operating system than the old computer was using. There is also the possibility of needing to acquire and install programs, transfer personal information, and apply new settings. Many people choose to repair or upgrade their existing computers for this reason. However, many people also choose to upgrade to a newer, faster, machine with better features, and in that case all of your existing data can be transferred to the new machine. Keep in mind, that some programs can be migrated, some must be reinstalled, or even repurchased.

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